The Proper Cookie



With a crunchy exterior and a warm gooey interior, the chocolate chip cookie has a warm, special place in everyone's heart. As many search the internet for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, a large variety of different recipes appear and all claim to be the best. However, many aspects go into what makes a perfect cookie, not only the flavor, but the texture and ingredients! For many, it may be a family recipe that has been passed down ages and ages, the classic chocolate chip cookie is a favorite for a countless amount of people. Have you ever considered why this may be?

What makes a chocolate chip cookie so perfect?

Here at Proper Dough, our Founder Brittania Warren grew up in a family with many allergies. This long-lived recipe was no longer able to be used. Striving for a solution, she was inspired to create an allergy friendly, vegan cookie! Here at Proper Dough, it is our mission to satisfy every person's cookie cravings.

The perfect cookie to us means it is filled with rich nutrients and superfoods. We remove all unhealthy ingredients and dairy and replace them with healthy alternative superfoods! When you think of the perfect cookie, a vegan cookie may not be the first idea that comes to mind. However, being able to indulge in a healthy cookie with zero guilt is an absolute dream that has come true!

We use healthy alternatives for our ingredients, such as butterfly pea plant, gluten free oat powder, pea protein, organic palm oil, and so many more healthy ingredients! With the removal of any dairy products, and the inclusion of superfoods into our coo​kie,​ it creates not only a delicious gooey cookie, but healthier and allergen friendly! An example of butterfly pea plant is packed full with antioxidants including: ​ ​Flavonoids, Quercetin and Proanthocyanidin. The flower can trigger enhanced cognitive function and its anti-inflammatory compounds aid in skin health. Use of pea protein is a great addition for packing our cookie with proteins! 

Next time you are thinking about what makes a chocolate chip cookie so darn good, just remember that it is the personal relationship not only to the cookie but the backstory and ingredients!